98-year-old grandma goes viral for her love of cola…

a 98-year-old grandma who is really fond of mealtime has become an online celebrity in less than a year, after a series of short videos of her eating were uploaded online by her granddaughter. grandma foodie the granny lives in huili ancient town in chengdu, southwest china’s sichuan province, with her granddaughter, surnamed cai.   though advanced in years, she does not restrict herself to a healthy and balanced diet. she eats whatever she wants, and prefers food with spicy flavor. hamburgers, hot pot, ice cream, desserts and all kinds of meat and animal organs appear in her daily eating clips.   a local specialty — chuanchuan, vegetables and meat skewers served in hot and spicy broth — is granny’s favorite. and she drinks coca-cola and alcohol every day. celebrity to date, cai has posted 71 short videos about her grandmother and received over 4 million likes on douyin. a number of citizens even take her as a role model, and one left a comment saying, “i would like to be a cute old lady in the future.” in the video, cai often persuades her granny to have a healthy diet, not to eat too much spicy or sweet food or drink too many beverages. however, her grandmother’s retorts and persistence make the video even funnier.   “it does not matter to me if i eat sweet snacks before meals. i am old enough,” she told her granddaughter once, after cai tried to stop her having sweet snacks before a meal.   both speak local dialect in the videos, also to the amusement of viewers.   besides the eating videos, cai also recorded some interesting anecdotes from her granny, such as fighting for remote control with her 5-year-old great-granddaughter and discussing what to eat after installing new dentures on an operating table.   the grandmother is super confident about herself. she agreed with fans’ praise of her appearance and replied “of course i can. i’m fearless” when she heard someone was going to invite her to be in a movie.   “my granny once said keeping a good attitude is the key to longevity. she has not been angry for long time and has a carefree mood,” cai said. life attitude “grandma’s videos spread a good life attitude,” she said.  needless to say, grandma foodie has become such an internet celebrity that netizens have taken to calling her “grandma.”  weibo users commented: “she’s so cute.” “this is a good attitude. you can definitely live a long life without thinking about it.” “it’s time to eat and drink! what else is left to do at this age?” “spicy food can help with longevity!” “i hope each of us can do what we like when we grow old.”

瀚客商标分享:三得利啤酒 新鲜直送 当日生产 冷藏配送及图商标驳回复审案

基本案情   申请人:三得利控股株式会社   申请商标:第13230501号“三得利啤酒 新鲜直送 当日生产 冷藏配送及图”商标 申请商标           一、当事人主张   申请人的主要理由:申请商标由“suntory”、“三得利啤酒”、“premiun”、“当日生产”、“新鲜直送”、“当日直送”等图文要素组合而成。“suntory”、 “三得利”是申请人商号及主打商标,其存在使得申请商标整体具备显著性和识别性,可以起到区分商品来源的作用。申请商标中所含“当日生产”、“新鲜直送”、“当日直送”等字样是基于客观事实而做出的如实描述,并无夸大成分,不具有欺骗性,不会导致消费者对商品的品质等特点产生误认,且在实际销售多年中,未造成消费者对商品的品质等特点产生误认。根据以往的审查经验,多个含有“新鲜”、“第一时间”等说明性文字作为构成要素的商标已通过审查并获准注册,根据相同的审查标准,申请商标亦应获准注册。综上,申请商标的注册未构成《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项、第十一条第一款第(二)项所指之情形,应予以核准注册。   二、商评委审理与决定   商评委经审理查明:申请商标由申请人于2013年9月12日提出注册申请,指定使用在第32类“啤酒、麦芽啤酒、啤酒风味的无酒精饮料”商品上。商标局认为申请商标中“当日生产、当日送达、新鲜直送”,夸大表示了商品的品质特点,且易导致消费者误认,依据《商标法》第十一条第一款第(二)项、第十条第一款第(七)项、第三十条的规定,驳回申请商标的注册申请。   商评委经审理认为:申请商标所含文字“suntory”、“三得利”具有显著性,故申请商标未构成《商标法》第十一条第一款第(二)项所指情形。申请商标所含“当日生产”、“新鲜直送”、“当日直送”、“premium”、“冷藏配送”、“fresh beer”等直接表示商品品质等特点的文字及图形不宜作为商标注册并为申请人独占使用,且上述文字图形易使相关公众对商品品质等特点产生误认。申请商标已构成《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项所指情形。依据《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项、第三十条和第三十四条的规定,我委决定如下:申请商标的注册申请予以驳回。 典型意义   本案的焦点问题是申请商标是否违反《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项之规定。   《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项规定:带有欺骗性,容易使公众对商品的质量等特产或者产地产生误认的,不得作为商标使用。该条款适用于商标使用在指定的商品上,可能使公众对商品的质量等特点或者产地产生错误的认识,造成欺骗性后果的情形。   具体到本案中,申请商标所含“当日生产”、“新鲜直送”、“当日直送”、“premium”、“冷藏配送”不宜作为商标注册并为申请人独占使用,且上述文字、图形使用在指定商品上易使相关公众对商品品质等特点产生误认。综合考虑,商评委认为申请商标违反《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项之规定。   《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项系现行《商标法》对于驳回商标注册的绝对事由所作的修改最为显著、且对商标确权影响最大的条款。关于误认的具体情形,第十条第一款第(七)项明确列明了“质量等特点”和“产地”,对类似于“质量”的商品特点予以了概括性规定。从商标确权实践来看,商品特点除“质量”外,还包括主要原料、功能、用途、重量、数量等等,本案所述的“商品品质”亦为其中之一。现行《商标法》第十条第一款第(七)项使对商标的质量等特点及产地产生误认的情形具有了明确的法律依据,对消除商标审查机关与司法机关在“误认”问题上的纷争、保持商标注册管理秩序的正常运行无疑将发挥重要作用。 (免费咨询商标,查询是够可以注册,请联系coco: 17846997168) 消息来源:国家知识产权局