huawei launches new 5g phone! can it beat iphone?

last thursday, huawei technologies co. released its mate 30 series smartphone at an event in munich, germany, featuring a quad camera setup, 5g connectivity and enhanced artificial intelligence functions.  the breakthrough of visual boundaries, the exploration of photography and videography, the liberation of power and speed, and the innovation of interaction are now ready to be discovered. embrace the future with new possibilities.  as huawei’s official referred to the latest mate 30 series, including the mate 30 and the mate 30 pro, as the world’s first second-generation 5g smartphone and the pinnacle of mobile technological development.  with more cameras, more processing power and a new and improved waterfall-inspired design, will this series be your favorite?  camera the phones have a more typical set of flagship specs. both have a leica-branded rear camera array contained within a circular camera cutout that huawei is calling a halo ring design.  the mate 30 has a main 40-megapixel camera with a f/1.8 aperture, an ultra-wide-angle 16-megapixel f/2.2 camera, an 8-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto camera, and a “laser focus” sensor.  meanwhile, the mate 30 pro bumps the resolution of the ultra-wide-angle camera to 40 megapixels with an aperture of f/1.8, and swaps the laser focus sensor for a 3d depth sensor.  huawei claims that the phone can record in up to 4k 60 fps, or record in slow motion at speeds of up to 7680 fps when filming in 720p.  screen the screens of the two devices are slightly different.  the mate 30 pro has a 6.53-inch screen which curves around the edges of the device. while the regular mate 30 has a more traditional flat display that’s slightly bigger at 6.62 inches in size.  the encircled glass with 88-degree ultra curves offers a wider area for interactions which also replace the physical buttons for a seamless design.  users can easily adjust the volume by double-tapping and scrolling on the screen edges from both the left and right side.  if you are a crazy gamer, you must love the screen, since there are two virtual buttons on the edge of the screen modeling a game controller.    chip internally, the mate 30 and mate 30 pro phones use huawei’s kirin 990 chip, which the company announced at ifa at the beginning of the month.  the chip is the first from huawei to include a built-in 5g modem, and as a result there’ll be 5g versions of the phones available.  supporting nsa/sa (non-standalone and standalone) architectures simultaneously, the kirin 990 5g offers a smooth transition of the evolving 5g network.  thanks to the great improvement in overall performance and energy efficiency that the kirin 990 series achieved, the mate 30 series show outstanding power capabilities.  both phones support fast charging up to 40w wired or 27w when wirlessly charging, but the mate 30 pro has a larger 4,500mah battery, compared to 4.200mah in the mate 30.  os the phones run the latest android 10 software and come with huawei’s own overlay called emui10.  one of the notable upgrades is a system-wide dark mode. instead of simply reverting the black and white colour, it selects comfortable colour contrast and gradation to delivers a better and more immersive reading experience.  the new always-on display and smart gesture control are also impressive. many commands such as unlocking, slide-changing, and screenshots can be executed swiftly when the user looks at the screen or simply swipe the hand.  both phones support an in-display fingerprint verification to provide superior data security and privacy protection. in addition, the mate 30 pro supports 3d face unlock.  colour the colours radiate in every light and shadow, reflecting the splendid  milky way (space silver)  graceful violet (cosmic purple)  treasured emerald (emerald green)  mysterious night (black)  there are two additional vegan leather options in forest green and orange available in the 5g version.    the porsche design huawei mate 30 rs is available in red and black, and eschews the circular camera bump in favor of a more integrated quad-sensor array.  question mark it is said that the series unleashes the full potential of the smartphone, but the phones come with a big google problem.  due to ongoing tensions between the u.s. and china, huawei has effectively been forced to abandon google’s take on android.  therefore users cannot access google play services, the google play store, and all those google apps you probably use every day, including gmail and google maps.  according to richard yu, ceo of the huawei consumer business group, the mate 30 series would instead ship with the huawei mobile services (hms) core, which it claims already integrated with over 45,000 apps.    price the overseas prices are announced at the event while the availability is still unclear.  mate 30 (8 128gb)  €799 mate 30 pro (8 256)  €1099 mate pro 5g (8 256gb)  €1199 mate 30 rs (12 512gb)  €2095 the launch event of the home version will be held in shanghai, china on sept 26 and the sales for the series (4g version) will start on the same day.  the pre-sale in china is already in the air. although the prices are veiled, the home version is probably cheaper than the overseas version.  please leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the release!  share to let your friends know! source | the verge 👇these articles may help you you’ll be blacklisted for these transactions! strict rule! rmb with these numbers are all fake! pay attention! how much money can i bring when entering china?

price rise 700%! will you choose to rent a portable charger?

it is reported that several shared portable-charger companies have increased the price of their service in china, which even up to 700% over the previous. many people complain that it is too expensive.  price rise of service according to the reports, in most case, the price of a shared charger is 3-5 yuan per hour without notice, while it was only ¥1 before. it costs even 8 yuan per hour in some places such as shopping malls and scenic spots! due to the slow charging rate, it takes about 2 hours for users to fully charge the battery of their smartphones, which means that now you need to pay 10 yuan or more to fill up your dead phone each time. 10 yuan doesn’t seem like a lot, but what if you rent the chargers ten times or twenty times?  discussion about it as people’s increasing obsession with mobile devices and the great convenience of shared portable chargers, it seems that the price rise won’t affect the business. but the complaints never stop. consumers say that it is too expensive and unacceptable. agencies also complain that they are bearing too much cost now.  how to rent one? there is no doubt that portable charger sharing is a very flexible, affordable, and accessible power bank rental service. it is still a good choice for you when in need to power up your smartphone in some cases. the most common brands in china are jiedian (街电), xiaodian (小电), guaishou (怪兽), and laidian (来电). in case you need to rent a charger, we are going to show you how to use the service: 01use wechat or alipay to scan the qr code on any charger station. no security deposit required. you can also search the brand name to find the startup’s nearby charging station.  02choose the type of cables which suits your device. some batteries come attached with micro usb, usb type-c and apple lightning.    03then the fully charged portable battery will unlock and pop out of the station for you to take. 04once you have finished using it, you can return the battery to any station of the same brand. the payment will be taken automatically.  share to let your friends know! 👇these articles may help you you’ll be blacklisted for these transactions! strict rule! rmb with these numbers are all fake! pay attention! how much money can i bring when entering china?

alipay secret functions bring you great convenience!

what do you know about alipay, an app for mobile payment? well, actually, alipay also provides many services and functions for your daily life. today we will show you parts of them.  brief   coupons & discounts e-invoice photo taking city service coupons & discounts there are lots of preferential coupons and discounts for you in alipay. as a member of alipay, you can redeem the bonus points for them.   you can use your points to get coupons for membership of video website, for example. it costs only 88 points and little money per month to get a streaming service.   there are some coupons for drinks and food as well. why don’t you enjoy a wonderful tea break at a lower price?  if your points are not enough, you can also search “惠支付” or “huizhifu” in the app to buy coupons.  there are flash sales sometimes and you can snap up movie tickets at ¥0.1, almost for free!   e-invoice this service helps you to manage your invoice info. just click “more” on the home page, and then you will see the “e-invoice” function.    after you complete the information of the invoice applicant, you can scan the qr code on the receipt and get the relevant invoice online. it is an easy way for both customers and merchants.   photo taking have you ever met the situation that you don’t have any photo meeting the requirements when you apply for a certificate? this function definitely helps you. search “证件照随拍” or “zhengjianzhaosuipai” in the app, or “证件照带回执”, which can provide receipts as well. then you can follow the guidance and take an id photo with your phone easily, rather than take it in a studio. printed photo will be sent to you if needed.  city service it is a very useful function for your daily life. in city service, you can pay gas and electricity bill, learn how to sort the waste, check on the weather, and make an appointment with doctors. photo taking is also included in city service, you can find it in “more others”.  with these convenient functions, you can save more money and solve many problems by moving fingers without going out.  which of them do you like best? please leave a comment below and share your idea!  share to let your friends know! 👇these articles may help you you’ll be blacklisted for these transactions! strict rule! rmb with these numbers are all fake! pay attention! how much money can i bring when entering china?

man paid £1 for a chinese vase then earned £80k! impossible!

recently a british man buys a beautiful chinese vase for £1, then put it on sale on ebay at a very low price, which causes wide attention since it is found that the vase is a rare antique belonging to a chinese emperor. the vase bought for a quid  this rare and beautiful vase, whose name was not revealed, was bought from a charity shop for £1. unaware of the significance of the vase, the lucky buyer then put it on sale on ebay and was soon flooded with offers, which encourage him to take the relic to sworders fine art auctioneers’ in stansted mountfitchet, essex.   the vase worth £80,000  realizing it may be valuable, the buyer took the vase to the antiques auction house for authentication. he was shocked and very excited when the experts explained its importance. the 8-inch-tall vase is in a pear shape, with the yellow ground, a color used solely for the royal family, and carefully detailed floral decorations across its public face. there are a poem written by emperor qianlong and two iron-red seal marks read “qianlong chen han” – the qianlong’s own mark – on the delicate vase, which means that it must have been commissioned by the emperor and probably displayed in one of the emperor’s palaces. now the vase is listed in an auctioneers’ magazine with a reserve price of £80,000 (nearly $100,000) because of its heritage linking it to the famous 18th century. it will be auctioned on november 8.   shock & sorry  the news hits the internet rapidly. many people get shocked because the vase was bought for only £1 while it is valued at £50,000 to £80,000. some people say the buyer is lucky and wish that it were them who bought this special and valuable antique. while some people, especially chinese netizens, feel sorry and sad for the treasure because countless treasures were sent aboard and undervalued, which makes a huge loss of the country.  share to let your friends know! source | daily mail 👇these articles may help you guidelines: transfer money overseas via alipay! rmb with these numbers are all fake! pay attention! how much money can i bring when entering china?